Janeta Parle

EVOLET is a big help to me because during this pandemic, I didn’t want to go out too much to prevent illness. It's easy to transfer money for bank savings and any time you need to remit money to my family in The Philippines they would receive it immediately & the transaction is smooth & with faster approval. So it saves a lot of my time when I don’t need to go to any remittance centers just to send money. & I feel that my money is secure when I do not need to carry cash every time I go out.

Marlon Sacdalan

Back then I had a hard time finding Remittance Centers. Sometimes closed, sometimes with long queues. But when I started using EVOLET, I found it to be much easier for me to send money to my family and their rates are also low. I can also use other services in EVOLET like purchasing online, supermarkets & mobile top ups.


Nowadays, everyone prefers cashless transactions and so do I. I’ve used EVOLET for a few months and enjoy using this app. Previously I used to send money to my family in Bangladesh from different remittance services, but now I can send money from EVOLET which saves time and cost. Besides this, EVOLET also have other services like mobile reloads to overseas, sharing funds with friends and many more. I recommend everyone especially foreign workers in Malaysia to use EVOLET to save time and money.

Liezel Mabanan

I'm so glad that I found a trusted E-wallet app like EVOLET. It helps to keep my money safe & assists me to perform my remittance easily. It's very helpful & easy to use.


The remittance service is very convenient and I’m satisfied with the service. I feel secure to keep my money in EVOLET.


I prefer to send money to my home with EVOLET. I feel safe to keep my money in my EVOLET account.